A Photo of Our Business Was Used by A Local Paper in an Article About Another Shop


The Ridgefield Press recently (8/5/19) published an article titled: “Letter: CBD shop could taint Main Street image.” The “concerned” citizen writing the letter is taking issue with a proposed CBD shop set to open on Main Street in Ridgefield. The author self-righteously bashed the proposed shop, warned against the example it would set for our “growing children” and said our “young ones” will soon refer to it as “The Pot Shop.”


Good for the Ridgefield PresS, the guardian of the children and the new business set to launch in Ridgefield. One problem, they attached a photo of our shop to the article. The photo was taken by one of their staff, weeks earlier for an article they did about the opening of our second location at 197 Ethan Allen Highway.


We reached out to the paper’s editor, left a message and have not received a return phone call about their mistake. Calling it a mistake is really being nice to them. It’s laziness, not a mistake. Rather than taking the time to send someone from their staff (Ridgefield Press) to take a photo of the business they were actually writing about, they just pasted in a photo they had of us. I’m sure they figured we’d be too stoned to notice. Maybe they thought we would not catch it because Afterall we are not a business but a pack of underachievers. They probably thought we could not read.


The hatchet piece with our photo about our future competitor was a pile of garbage not worth publishing. I can’t speak for the reputation of a shop that is not open but I can tell you some facts about Grassy Plain Vape & Smoke and the CBD products we sell:

  • Grassy Plain Vape Smoke & CDB holds regular health benefit seminars in store at our Ridgefield location. We’ve been open 8 weeks and have had three such seminar’s already.
  • We sell the highest quality CDB products on the market from Green Gorilla.
  • Grassy Plain educates its customers on any products they purchase in our stores.
  • CBD is not a drug that gets anyone high.
  • By law CBD can contain no more than 0.3% THC.
  • CBD is legal to sell.
  • CBD is legal to purchase.
  • CBD is legal to consume.
  • CBD is a safe, healthy way to manage pain.
  • CBD can help people with crippling anxiety.
  • CDB improves digestions.
  • CBD is a sleep aid.
  • Grassy Plain’s employees have been and continue to be educated on any/all products they sell.
  • Our staff is professional.
  • Our stores are clean.
  • Our prices are fair.
  • We are supportive of other local businesses in the Greater Danbury area and have already fostered mutually beneficial relationships with these businesses.
  • We are not on Main Street in Ridgefield, our address is 197 Ethan Allen Highway


The ideas that were shared in the opinion piece are both cliché and archaic. The stigma surrounding marijuana use is dead and gone in 2019. One state after another has legalized or are actively seeking to legalize recreational marijuana use. Most importantly, we don’t sell marijuana because it’s illegal.


The concerned citizen who wrote the piece is entitled to their opinion but their opinion is awful, pointless and tired. The Ridgefield Press was irresponsible and lazy. That irresponsibility managed to damage the reputation of two local businesses in one day that have no relationship to one another.


It was clown town in Ridgefield today and the Master of Ceremonies was the Ridgefield Press.


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