Ben & Jerry's Wants to Be The Next Big Company to Make CBD Infused Products

Ben & Jerry's has famously encouraged it's buyer's to use marijuana. Now the company says it can't wait to create CBD infused Ice Cream according to a May 2019 USA Today article. They would be joining a long list of major companies who are proponents of CBD and it's benefits. Just last week, Coors/Molson Brewing announced they have signed distribution deals with two CBD beverages companies; DRAM Apothecary and Colorado's Best Drinks. The two companies make delicious (I've tried them), non-alcoholic, CBD infused drinks. 

Will we have the drinks? You bet your ass we will. We already have some CBD beverages but more are on the way, and if there is CBD Ice Cream coming down the road, Grassy Plain will have it. We will be knee deep in CBD Ice Cream, eating it and selling it like maniacs. I can see it now, the joy of eating Ice Cream while knowing the CBD is in your system helping your mind and body in so many ways. We will smear each other in Ice Cream and then top each other off with CBD sprinkles and healthy drizzle of CBD chocolate syrup. It's going to get weird. 

Yeah, so how bout Ben & Jerry's? Right