California Man Upset After Jet Blue Says No to HIs Opossum Friend

A California man traveling with his pet opossum wound up stranded in Austin, Texas.  He flew JetBlue to Austin, but because of the attention his opossum was getting, he was kicked off his flight on the way back. Believe it or not he is outraged, he says the feeling was "insane," and he is "frustrated." 

Qualifying statements  

  • He rescued her (opossum) from a pool.
  • He potty trained her.
  • She won't leave his side.
  • They let him fly one way with her but not back.

I am so happy for the opossum and this dude and frankly he did a very nice thing making this his furry friend. The airline is wrong for letting you and your opossum fly one way and not back, without question. However, this dude is wrong on every level for being "frustrated" and thinking this is "insane." It was pretty balls of him to think he could take it on the original flight. WHO. DO. YOU. THINK. YOU. ARE? What gives you the right? Is this real life? 

Get real bro, I love animals but we are not there. Air travel has not been pefected for humans, you and your exotic rescue pet can pound sand. There are families trying to get to their vacation, working adults flying across the counrtry to support their familes. Fuck off with your opossum. #fuckexoticanimalsoncommercialflights

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