Coming Soon to Grassy Plain, Novelty T's, Do You Have a Shirt Idea?

This gem comes from a T-shirt company called Better Than Pants. You see the couch pulls out, he doesn't, get it? We have built an extensive list of horribly offensive ideas for our shirts but we would love to know if you have any. While our ideas are amazing and our creative energry is endless, the real gem, the best seller may be out there, not in here.

How about a hat with an extra long brim that reads: "Betcha mine's longer than yours." Already, I'm off track and designing an entire line of apparel. I need to work on shirts, offensive shirt making is the objective here. We can do a shirt for our CBD gummy fans that says "I got a gum job at Grassy Plain." I have it, I have my comedic masterpiece for the day, a Netflix themed shirt. It will read, "She said Netflix and chill" on the front. The back will read, "We watched The Crown and left with Blue Balls." This is not high art, we are talking about novetly T's and that is as good as anything else out there. One more, "I used to do drugs, I still do but I used to, too." One more, Picture of Kirstie Alley and it reads "Big Shitter." This is not subtle but visually impactful. 

Do you have a shirt idea? What ridiculous shirt would you like to see for sale at Grassy Plain? Go ahead, act like a teenager, let's have some fun, share your offensive idea.