Danbury, CT to Hold Weed Legalization Discussion Tomorrow (10/30/19)

The Connecticut Institute for Communities in Danbury, CT will be the site of a discussion about the legalization of Marijuana tomorrow evening starting at 5:30. According to the CT Post, State Rep. Raghib Allie-Brennan, D-Bethel, and Sen. Julie Kushner, D-Danbury, will host the event that will wrap up at 7 pm. The "Community Room" in the Connecticut Institute For Communities will be the gathering point and they say there will be a Q &A at the end.

The remainder of the panel is made up from community leaders, religious leaders and retired law enforcement. The report states, that all panel members are pro-legaliztation, which is great but I think there needs to be a more liberal, representation of the community. You need to have the old school "burnt as fuck" stoner on the panel and you need the weed educator dude. Let me explain:

  • Old school stoner: This person is old school in their approach, they wake and they bake, they enjoy stoner movies, get smashed to the belt everyday and will do so, whether it is legal or not. They do have a modern flair, in that they will smoke a dab in your face on Instagram.
  • Weed educator (likely a bearded millennial): This person wears a mild, modest amount of weed flair. They have a fleece made of hemp, a hemp necklace and they look like they might smoke weed but you can't tell for sure. You can't tell, until any issue, that is mildly related marijuana is brought up. The topic could be the sale, consumption, taxation or criminalization of marijuana, once, any of these subjects are brought up they start right in. You are about to get an education from this person based on "facts" they remember, from suspect sources, they will swear by. 

Those are goofy stereotypes, that are just plain funny to talk about. The real comedy is that, whenever these meetings take place, they seem to lack representation from people, who might actually be impacted by their outcome. I can tell you how these meetings will play out, this "pro-legalization panel" will talk down to members of the community and read statistics. They will talk about how non-violent offenders are behind bars for using/selling marijuana and they will talk about how many tax dollars/man hours are wasted on fighting, a lost war on drugs. They'll spend from 5:30 pm to 6:50 pm telling people what they already know and turn it over to two softball questions. They will transcribe their meeting, put in a document and send it to Hartford, CT where it will be lost, in a giant pile of meaningless paper.