Does Your Vagina Make Noise in Yoga Class? You are Not Alone


According to Very Well Fit, if you do yoga, your vagina is bound to act up, loudly. The dreaded vagina fart is all too common for “yogi’s” everywhere. Experts say you are not alone, apparently, the reason is the vagina opens, allows air in and the air is eventually forced out. When that happens, it’s like a kazoo symphony.

How can you stop it? You were probably wondering that and I am here to tell you the article provides a possible solution. They say you can “Exhale, rather than inhale, while raising your hips.” You can also avoid Inversions and practice Kegel exercises in your off time.

Give those a try the next time you settle into Warrior pose or just let your lady cave continue to be a massive embarrassment, up to you. I won’t lose sleep, I’ll sleep like a man baby, farting "regular style" in my deep sleep.
If my vagina farted every time I exercised, this article would have brought me great comfort. I mean you learned that it’s common, there are things you can try to stop it and that, some people out there actually do care enough to write about it.

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They can be noisy ladies.

Author - Jack Cahill AKA "Eagle Wing" AKA "His Name Is Me" AKA L.M.