How to Spot a "Dope-head" at the Thanksgiving Table

OK, maybe you are on the weed, you know how you feel and can tell when you are feeling nice but what about everyone else? Here are some signs that can help you recognize the other dopers at the table:

  • Repeating the word "Good" - When you are high, you are "good," life is good and you are feeling so good, you are not going to reach for a Thesaurus to explain how you feel. This is when the person says good, again and again. 
  • Lovin the lips - You could drink all the water, milk or booze you want and you will never satisfy your lips when you are high. They feel dry even when they are not. If you are high, you might lick your lips more often, you might not. No matter what, the person who is high will show their lips more attention than they should. They may pucker more, they may touch them, they may lick them or make kissy faces by accident. They are more aware they have lips, than they should be and it's something to check for. 
  • Extreme gratitude - Thanksgiving is the time for giving thanks, for your friends and family. Most people show their gratitude by being around those family members and friends. Other people, will insist you go around the table and talk about the folks they are thankful for. Those people are high off their ass, you can't do something that awkward unless you are twisty. 

You might be asking why? Why are you telling people, who get high, how to look for other high people? You might be saying, "I'd never judge them, so what do I care?" It's a good question and it has a simple answer, should you run out of your own weed, you will know who to ask for more. If you are saying, "I already know what to look for" then, why did you waste time reading this?