I’m In a Band, You Don’t Have to Tell Anyone

One of our customers said those words to a group of us at the (Ridgefield) Grassy Plain shop. When he left, we had some questions and they were:

  • Did he think we felt obligated to tell others about his music career?
  • Why is your band such a secret? Typically, musicians want people to know about their music and shows so there are people there to watch, when they play.
  • Who the fuck does he think he is?
  • How prestigious could this band be if this man is arguing over the cost of a seven dollar vape pen?

After we kicked these very reasonable questions around for a bit, we found ourselves back at square one. We had no answers and kept asking these very same questions again and again. Now I’m convinced the guy is a genius. I keep hoping he comes back in so we can ask follow up questions, ask for a demo and maybe get to see him play. Basically, his band is the only band I currently care about.

Author – Jack Cahill AKA Ging Meat AKA L.M.