Jon Hamm and His Massive Dong Were Honored Guests in Redding, CT on Saturday

Getty Images

Jon Hamm was at the Mark Twain Library in Redding this past Saturday as an honored guest for the Pudd’nhead gala, according to the CT Post. Pudd'nhead is a fundraiser for the library and was hosted by comedian Michael Ian Black. There is no official confirmation that his penis was in attendance but if it was, we are sure to hear about it in a hurry, it's gotten rave reviews in the past. 

First you are hearing of it? It's not the first time around for Jon, whose been answering questions about it for years and finally starting embracing it in 2016. Dude's hammer is the stuff of legend in Hollywood. I'm sorry we missed a chance to invite Jon over to our Grassy Plain (Redding/Ridgefield) location while he was in town, not because of his penis mind you, we are just big fans of "Mad Men." 

Hey Jon, the next time you are in town, head on over to Grassy Plain for some CBD. Feel free to bring that full-grown toddler you are smuggling in your pants. We'll have some CBD ready for him too. Grassy Plain CBD with two locations, Ridgefield/Redding at 197 Ethan Allen Highway and Bethel at 39A Grassy Plain Street.