Make Sure You Have Treats For The Adults This Halloween

Halloween is for the kids, we know this but what about the adults? We are still here, we are people and we have to endure the cold and deal with the kids cracked out on sugar all night. What about us, what do we get? I've heard some moms and dads fill their coffee cup with a metric fuck ton of booze to cope with their reality on Halloween night and that's cool, no judgements here. 

What if there were gifts for the adults along for the ride? This could be a new tradition, we can actually prepare ourselves, stock up and put a smile on our miserable fucking faces. Wouldn't a small pipe or some CBD gummies do the trick? I think it would turn my mood around to get handed a pipe or a fist full of gummies. Grassy Plain has good news, we are in striking distance of where you live and have tons of glass and bucket loads of CBD. 

All of it even looks like toys and candy. 

The gummies taste like candy and help a whole hell of a lot. 

Get your act together, you already have a pallet of Skittles, a gross of Snickers bars and enough Smarties to kill a horse, now let's get Mom and Dad hooked up ahead of the holiday. Don't be a trick, get your treat on and be the most popular house on the block. Halloween just got crazy good and that is thanks to Grassy Plain Glass and CBD. 

While your here making small purchases, picking up toys and treats for the neighbors, you can also make a purchase or two that you don't have to share, that one can be for you. Maybe a massive new pipe from MAV, Cheech or GRAV, we have them all. You can also do a purchase for the dog or cat while you are here. How bout that? Now the kids are happy, the dog, the neighbors, even you. 

Grassy Plain with two locations, 197 Ethan Allen Highway, Ridgefield and 39A Grassy Plain Street, Bethel, CT.