Newtown Police Arrest Two, Claiming Wrong Way Driver Had Drugs and $21,000 in Cash

According to the CT Post Newtown Police arrested two people last night (Tue Sep 3, 2019), a driver from Pennsylvania and a passenger from Norwalk, CT. Police say they observed a 2005 Infiniti driving the wrong way on the I-84 exit 10 off ramp. Authorities say they pulled the car over and and as the officers approached, "a strong odor of marijuana could be smelled coming from the vehicle.”

After a search of the car, Newtown cops say they retrieved 9 ounces of marijuana wax, a digital scale, 100 cartridges of THC vapes and over $21,000 in cash. Charles Palmeta of Pittston, PA and Skylar Arnold of Norwalk, CT were arrested, taken into custody and charged with possession, intent to sell and drug paraphernalia. 

Crime does not pay kids, especially if you think it's possible you may (allegedly) get high, drive the wrong way on the highway, all whilst committing crimes. Don't forget that shit, take a bite out of crime, stay in school. Also if you want any LEGAL vape products, accessories, a water pipe or some CDB, come see us at Grassy Plain. We can get you hooked up and have a laugh at what a dumb-shit move it is, to get on a highway ramp, going the wrong way, with a fuck ton of cash and drugs (allegedly)

Maybe Cliff O'Malley from "Dead Man on Campus" was in the car.