Police: Times Square 'Elmo" groped Fourteen Year Old Girl






According to the NY Post the NYPD arrested 54 year old Inocente Andrade-Pacheco on Saturday and charged him with forcible touching and acting in a manner injurious to a child. Authorities say Andrade-Pacheco groped a 14 year old girls butt while dressed in an "Elmo" costume. This is far from the first time any of us have read negative media reports about the "costumed characters" of Times Square.











The group of "grown up's" dressed like children have been invesigated for running scams. The most recent claim will, no doubt have city officials taking another look into how to deal with the "costumed characters." The NY Post released another article just yesterday where they say cited these statistics:




  • 47% of New Yorkers have had "unpleasant interactions" with one of the costumed characters.
  • 22% of city residents said their bad experience included "unwanted physical contact." 



I hate to have an obvious, knee jerk reaction to this story but here it comes, GET A JOB. These morons have been accused of many sexual assaults and running scams to line their own pockets while dressed like kids on Halloween. This is unreasonably offensive to anyone who actually works for a living or doesn't want their kids forcibly touched. 



Lose the cape, attempt to earn an honest living and keep your F'ing hands to yourself. If I caught a fake "Avenger" touching my daughter we would have a whole new court case on our hands but not before he got see what all of his teeth looked like on the outside of his head.