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California Man Upset After Jet Blue Says No to HIs Opossum Friend

A California man traveling with his pet opossum wound up stranded in Austin, Texas.  He flew JetBlue to Austin, but because of the attention his opossum was getting, he was kicked off his flight on the way back. Believe it or not ...

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How to Spot a "Dope-head" at the Thanksgiving Table

OK, maybe you are on the weed, you know how you feel and can tell when you are feeling nice but what about everyone else? Here are some signs that can help you recognize the other dopers at the table: Repeating the word "Good" - When ...

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Male & Female Sides of Being 'The Perfect Couple'

I don't mean perfect looking, perfect clothes and everyone is happy. I certainly am not referring to the douche-faced weasels in the above photo. He's probably banging the girl at the P.F. Chang's by his job and she's ...

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