The Grassy Plain Podcast, What You Need to Know

The Grassy Plain Podcast is called "Grassy Plain Talk" because why overthink it? The show is co-hosted by Matt Osmun (co-owner GPVS), Jonathan Osmun (co-owner GPVS), Lou Milano (I-95 Morning Show) & Mark Florio (Florio Guitars). Each episode of the podcast will be different and will still feature items you will become familiar with. We will have original music from talented local artists, talk up featured GPVS products and we will do our Top 10.

For the first episode titled "The Beginning" we had a musical guest named John Fazio Jr. John is a Connecticut native and insanely talented singer/songwriter. The crew also talked up their premium Green Gorilla CBD products and ran down a list of best love songs of the 1970's. Here are a few of the tunes that showed up on the list:

  • Donny Osmond - Puppy Love (Matt Osmun Selection, it was not a favorite in the room) 
  • Wings - Silly Love Songs - Wings 
  • Capatin & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together

If you want more of the list or to hear the amazing original music of John Fazio Jr. Click the link already and listen to the podcast. Each time we post an episode,(twice a month) they will be available on our website, Itunes, Spreaker, Spotify, SoundCloud and will be posted to our Facebook page @ Grassy Plain CBD.