We Investigated A Bad Review and Found A Hidden Agenda

The whole Grassy Plain staff has fun, anyone who knows us knows this but this is not a game, it is a business. So, when we get a bad customer review, we take it seriously. We noticed a bad review today, investigated thoroughly, talked to the employee involved and were still loaded with questions. Based on both the words in the review and what the trusted employee told us, it did not warrant a review this bad. 

Then we clicked on the reviewers name and 4 days ago he posted a glowing review for a competing shop. That's fishy, huh? Let's go one at a time here. This is the review that prompted the investigation, it came from Justin:

Interesting approach to customer service. Blatantly lied to about brand of vape juice. Made mistake of walking out of store without fully inspecting product. No return. No exchange. No sympathy. Was told by salesperson “it’s not my fault you didn’t check what you were buying”.

Based on the "coincidental" timing of his glowing review of another shop 4 days ago and then a bad review of us just days later, this is how I responed:

Justin, we always appreciate constructive criticism, we thrive on it. We spoke to the employee you dealt with and we stand by what he did and said. By your own admission, you walked out without looking at what you had. When you called our employee about the mistake you made, he told you "due to the nature of the product" we cannot accept returns. This is not a product we could ever resell once it's walked out the door. Furthermore, we find it very interesting that 3 days prior to your negative review of our shop you wrote a glowing review of a competitor. You don't have to be a rancher to smell bullshit here. If you need a reminder of what you wrote about the other shop 4 days ago, here it is:

"Last customer of the day 5 minutes before closing. Was met with the best customer service I have ever had at a smoke shop. Was treated like family and won’t go anywhere else now. I wish I could have gave y’all 10 stars."

That's the review you wrote for them just days ago. Coincidence? Or maybe someone over there, feeling the heat, gave you a discount and asked you to do something in exchange? We stand behind our employee and how they dealt with you. If you felt that way about that shop 4 days ago and found your place why even walk into our shop?

This is goofy and we know what's up, we have a situation here and it will be dealt with. We are doing this guys? Shops man, this is the shitty part of running a business. Competition makes people do crazy, sophomoric and petty things. Someone, nay, several people got together on a bad idea and did not consider who they were playing with. Remember in the beginning when I said we have fun here? What you may not know about us, is that NOTHING is more fun to us, than going to war. All you bitches are on notice. 


Today is 10/3/19. Here is the post Justin put up for the competing shop 4 days ago:

Here is our screenshot of our response today: